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The best information system for your production is our
Dialog 3000Skylla!

With our ERP system you will have an overview about all processes in the company and you will use 100% of your manufacturing capacity.

Modular system

Customized solution

Modern technology

Fast implementation

Courses and trainings

Hardware solutions


34 modules for covering company agendas and activities

Our interactively connected modules follow all constituent company processes. All modules have unified user environment and communicate with external applications.

Modules overview
Production optimization

We offer the most sophisticated production solution with offer of capacity planning, shop floor management and following problematic places in manufacturing prosesses.

Customized solutions

Thanks to special solutions
in number of branches
we are able to adapt to i.e.
machinery or food operations.

Courses and trainings

For our customers and users we have prepared a set of learning courses mainly aimed at administration and development of information system.

Hardware solutions

With our software product we supply hardware solutions as well, from printer of tags with bar codes to attendance terminals.

Would you like to work in IT and be in everyday contact with customers?
Become a member of our team of cunsultants for our information system Dialog.

Information system for small and big businesses

Small company

Small companies up to 30 employees, which grew from family businesses, are still growing and managing a big number of orders in Excel is no longer sufficient enough.

Medium company

Medium companies up to 70 employees with traditions, that overgrew family format. Tentative solutions are not sufficient and the requirements are growing together with them.

Big company

Big companies up to 300 people. They are established on the market with a big number of employees, who are hard to manage without a complex information system.

Large company

Large companies with 300 and more employees, with a long tradition and already established position on the market. Working without a complex information system is unimaginable.

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