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Hardware solutions

Along with our software we also supply specific hardware


When creating an e-warehouse application we have to meet practical requirements on placing data to PDA display, with the condition that the employees will be shown only information essential for a preformed activity. Work with documents is more effective when account values, prices and tax groups are preset.

Bar code printers

For bar code tag printing purposes we also supply needed HW – printers. Chosen printers match needs of specific company and our specialists are trained to work with a printer in such a way that they are able to set it according to customer’s needs. Printers work on the basis of thermoprint and thermotransfer print.


Application run on special terminals placed in workshops is used to show details of drawing documentation and gaining technological data for production. Documentation update can reach the workshop from designer or technological data within several minutes.


Information tables with orders in a workshop

From our customers’ side we have been asked to provide online transfer of information concerning status of individual orders directly to workshop. This transfer is ensured via screens, where daily plans are presented. There is a specific marking of individual orders according to their completion.

Company CNC Soufrez s. r. o. uses these tables to transfer information about individual worker’s efficiency. It also shows information on which order should be processed first. Thanks to this inflexible paper form of order overview in a workshop has been eliminated.

Attendance terminals

For record of attendance itself and operation scanning we supply our customers with touch screen terminals. They are supplied with 8″ or 10″ display. Terminals are supplied with bar code scanner for processed unit identification as well as with personal chip scanner for recording a given worker on his workplace and his identification for a given production operation.