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Control spol. s r. o.

We are suppliers of company-wide information system Dialog 3000Skylla

Currently we are developing the most sophisticated ERP system

Our goal is to offer all our customers quality and most of all functional solution for their production


How did it start?

Company Control was established in 1994 and was originally IS Dialog 2000C distributor. Later, our company gained development rights to this system and since 2000 first implementations of  fully-fledged ERP Dialog 3000S system have taken place. Now we  are capable of succeeding in the tough compatition on Czech and Slovak markets.

Sídlo společnosti v Šenově u Nového Jičína

Where will you find us?

Since 2003 we have also offered Dialog 3000S in the Slovak Republic, the branch is located in Senica. After moving a few times we have found a proper place where we have settled in 2009. It is our own redecorated buliding in Šenov u Nového Jičína. Our Slovak colleagues work from their own buliding too, it can be found in Štúrova street in Senica.


Over 20 years with us

In October 2014 we celebrated 20th anniversary of our company on the market. We look to the future with optimism and work intensively every day to improve and make our system better so that we could address as many manufacturing companies as possible and enjoy company celebrations in the next 20 years.

Our customers

Company Control can be proud of the total of 192 implementations of information system Dialog in wide spectrum of Czech and Slovak firms. The system is mostly present in production firms from machinery branch. A significant part of the implementations is made of wood and furniture industry. Other installations of RRP Dialog 3000S can be found in foundry, plastic industry, sales and services, textile and food industry.

Reference overview
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