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Basic information about compatibility and implementation of Dialog information system
System compatibility

Functionality of information system Dialog 3000S – Powerbulider is guaranteed in environment of operation system Windows 7 and Windows 8. Functionality cannot be guaranteed for Windows 10 version of operation system and higher.

Functionality of information system Dialog 3000Skylla (Java) is guaranteed in environment of operation system Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 and OS X Yosemite. Functionality of  Dialog in environment of Linux is not guaranteed.

Likewise, functionality cannot be guaranteed in environment of system Windows XP, which official backup from the side of Microsoft was finished on 8th April 2014.

Used technologies

Database server SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise is a base for running system Dialog 3000Skylla. This server can be run in operation systems Microsoft Windows Server or in operation systems Linux. 64 bite system versions are supported.

To increase security and reducing bandwidth requirements on data connection we use our own Skylla server. This application server uses Java technology. Thanks to it, it is possible to run it in both mentioned  operation systems.

What is ERP system?

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planing. It is an information system, that helps to manage all company processes effectively. It involves area of accounting, production planning, stored supply, purchasing, sales, marketing etc. Data is connected throught a whole company.

How will we move from one information system to yours?

Have you already been using different information system that does not suit you for whatever reason? Do you like Dialog 3000S features? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you with transferring all data to IS Dialog 3000S without necessity of using two ERP systems.

How will we connect with another information system?

Our company offers you possibility of  connecting with another IS. Concrete solution is dependent on your current IS, though, as well as your requirement to what extent both systems should be connected.

How is your information system secured?

User accounts are protected by passwords (min. length, resetting password interval). It is possible to limit individual rights for certain users in administration. System is based on a layered architecture, where communication is done over application server rather than database. Information system is protected against collapse (backup source) and can be set to regular data backup.

What does implementation of the system look like?

Before implementation it is essential to do an entry analysis. To have the IS adapted to a company it is necessary to map its processes in detail. On the basis of the analysis a concrete time schedule of implementation is set as well as training of individual employees.

Basic system functions are introduced to users. Their skills are tested by entering data itself (with assistance of course) and manuals are handed over to them. After a detailed training of all users IS is passed to live operation.

How long does it take until it is functional?

The length of implementation depends on the company size, its requirements for IS but also on customer cooperation during the installation. The implementation can take from few weeks up to a year.